where to buy celebrity autographs

Where to buy celebrity autographs?

Learn where to buy celebrity autographs? Discover authenticity, how to find celebrities, value of their autograph and best thing to get signed.




How to find celebrities for autographs?

To find celebrities for autographs, you can use various methods, including sending requests through the mail or collecting autographs in person. Here are some ways to obtain celebrity autographs:

  1. Through the Mail:
    • You can find celebrity addresses through online databases such as Contact Any Celebrity. Which provides access to over 59,000 celebrities, influencers, and public figures
    • Another option is to use websites like StarTiger, which offers a platform to send fan mail, collect autographs, and find addresses of over 410,000 celebrities. Please note sometimes you receive agency signatures or pre-printed photos. Get your hands on authentic autographs from celebrities.
  2. In Person:
    • Attending autograph signings, book signings, or speaking engagements that allow access to celebrities is a great way to get autographs in person
  3. Online Resources:
    • Websites like and Celebrity Fans provide information on where to send autograph requests and offer forums to check the success and failure rates of other fans. They are also some celebrities who sell autographs on their websites.


It’s important to note that when sending autograph requests through the mail. It requires patience as it can take weeks, months, or even years to receive a response. Additionally, using reputable sources and ensuring the authenticity of the autographs is crucial for any collector or fan. By following these methods, you can pursue your passion for collecting celebrities autographs, whether through the mail or in person.



Photograph of Amy Winehouse signing autographs




Are celebrity autographs worth anything?

Celebrity autographs value can indeed be worth a significant amount, with some fetching substantial sums in the market. For instance, the autographs of superstars such as Pele, Madonna, Bob Dylan, and JK Rowling are valued at $1,125, $1,200, $1,275, and $1,875, respectively

1. Moreover, historical figures’ autographs have been sold for millions, such as George Washington’s Acts of Congress for $9.8 million and Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation for $3.7 million
2. The value of an autograph depends on various factors, including the person who signed it, what was signed, the condition of the autograph, and current supply and demand trends
3. Additionally, the rarity, authenticity, and sentimental or historical significance of the autograph also contribute to its value
4. Therefore, while not all autographs may have a high monetary value, those of significant figures or in exceptional condition can be valuable assets or collectibles.



New York John Lennon signing autograph for fan




How can you tell if a celebrity autograph is real?

Determining the authenticity of a celebrity autograph can be a complex process. Here are some methods used to verify the legitimacy of autographs:


  1. In-Person Collection: Some companies, like, have a team of in-person collectors who obtain autographs directly from celebrities. They provide a “Certificate of Authenticity” and hologram certification for each item, guaranteeing its legitimacy
  2. Hologram Certification: Many reputable autograph dealers use hologram certification to guarantee the authenticity of their products. Any tampering with the hologram will invalidate the authenticity guarantee
  3. Autograph Authentication Services: They are many Third Party Authenticators out there who charge or their opinion. Be careful as we have noticed many of these companies making multiple mistakes.
  4. Observation and Evidence: Experts may rely on evidence such as photographs of the person signing the item to determine its legitimacy. Notarized certificates of authenticity and the item’s provenance can also contribute to the verification process

It’s important to be cautious when purchasing autographs, as the rise of online marketplaces has made it easier for fake signatures to be sold. By using these methods and seeking expert opinions, collectors can ensure the authenticity of celebrity autographs


freddie mercury signing autographs worth



Why are celebrity autographs so expensive?

Celebrity autographs can be expensive due to several factors. The demand for autographs has grown significantly, leading to a rise in prices. Big-name celebrities, such as Taylor Swift, Harrison Ford, Ewan McGregor, and Robert Downey Jr. Have embraced the trend of paid signings, contributing to the increase in autograph prices

1. Additionally, the inaccessibility of some celebrities for autograph opportunities has made available signatures more expensive

2. The rarity and desirability of certain autographs, coupled with the growing autograph market, have also led to soaring prices

3. Furthermore, the value of autographs can be influenced by the size of the item being signed, with larger items often commanding higher prices

4. Overall, the combination of high demand, limited access to celebrities, and the growing autograph market has contributed to the increasing expense of celebrity autographs.




Rare Photos of Elvis Presley Signing Autographs







Is it okay to ask a celebrity for an autograph?

Asking a celebrity for an autograph is a common practice and done through various methods. In the past, people would write letters to celebrities requesting autographs. A time-consuming yet rewarding process. Today, opportunities to obtain autographs have expanded, with options such as attending autograph signings. Book signings, and speaking engagements that allow access to celebrities. Additionally, sending a letter of request (LOR) to the celebrity’s fan page or contact page can also be an effective way to ask for an autograph. It’s important to be respectful of the celebrity’s preferences. Not all celebrities are willing to respond to autograph requests through the mail. When seeking an autograph, it’s essential to use reputable resources and to be patient, as the process can take time.



Michael Jackson signing autographs CD



What should you not say to a celebrity?

When interacting with a celebrity, it’s important to be respectful and considerate. Here are some things to avoid when engaging with a celebrity:

  1. Avoid Self-Promotion: Refrain from approaching a celebrity to further your own entertainment career. As most celebrities do not have the power to influence careers within their industry
  2. Respect Their Privacy: While it’s common to feel excited when encountering a celebrity, it’s essential to be mindful of their privacy. If they seem busy or if there is a crowd vying for their attention, it may be more polite to leave them alone
  3. Personal Affairs: It’s best to avoid discussing a celebrity’s personal affairs, as this can make the encounter uncomfortable
  4. Be Authentic: When engaging in conversation, be genuine and avoid being manipulative. Authenticity is key to making a positive and memorable impression

By being respectful of a celebrity’s personal space and avoiding topics that may make them uncomfortable, you can ensure a pleasant interaction for both parties.


Lionel Messi signing Barcelona football shirts


Best thing to get signed by a celebrity?

When deciding what to get signed by a celebrity, the choice ultimately depends on personal preference. However, some popular items to consider include:

  1. Autograph Book: A dedicated autograph book can be a great choice for collecting signatures from various celebrities.
  2. Memorabilia: For sports fans, items such as a ball (e.g., Football, baseball) or a jersey can be ideal for collecting signatures from athletes.
  3. Photographs: Having a personal photo or a headshot of the celebrity signed can be a meaningful keepsake.
  4. Personal Items: While it’s important to be respectful, some individuals may choose to have unique or sentimental items signed by a celebrity.

It’s also recommended to bring your own supplies, such as a pen or marker. Be mindful of the celebrity’s schedule and any associated costs for obtaining an autograph. Ultimately, the best item to get signed is one that holds personal significance and will be cherished as a memento of the encounter.