Sports Autographs for sale | Genuine sports signed memorabilia.

Authentic Sports Autographs for sale | Genuine sports signed memorabilia. Buy your genuine sports autographs and signed memorabilia here.



Sports Autographs for sale Genuine sports signed memorabilia



First Class Memorabilia offer a great range of Sports Memorabilia. Our stock include many Football Autographs as well as Boxing and also Formula 1. Hold many private signings in house so can rest assure all our items are hand signed and authentic. Autographs we have are from Pele, Maradona, Lionel Messi, Muhammad Ali, Michael Schumacher plus many more. Additionally, these include signed football shirts, signed boxing gloves. Equally, autographed photos and many other types of sports signed memorabilia. Additionally, get your hands on authentic autographed sports memorabilia with authenticity.


Genuine Sports Signed Memorabilia

FirstClassMemorabilia is your number one stop for Sports Autographs. Our shipping aim to post your item within 2 working days. Besides, all items are posted tracked and signed for to ensure a top quality delivery service. Purchase authentic autographed sports memorabilia today with authenticity.


Autographed sports memorabilia

Our sports autographs collection features authentic signatures from some of the biggest names in sports history. From football legends like Diego Maradona to boxing icons like Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. This collection has something for every sports fan. Each autograph comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring that you are getting a genuine piece of authentic sports memorabilia. Genuine signatures from sports legends - Certificate of authenticity included. Also a wide range of sports and athletes represented. Additionally own a piece of sports history - Perfect for collectors or as a gift for sports fans. Get your hands on authentic sports autographs today for your collection. Guaranteed authenticity for peace of mind. Purchase genuine sports signed memorabilia today.


Who are FirstClassMemorabilia?

First Class Memorabilia offers a range of authentic autographs, including those of authentic Sports memorabilia. Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) to verify their legitimacy. A COA is a document that attests to the genuineness of an autograph, providing assurance to the buyer. While some sources caution about the reliability of COAs, First Class Memorabilia’s commitment to providing genuine autographs with COAs enhances the value and trustworthiness of their products. Customers can be confident in the authenticity of the autographs they purchase. Additionally, each come with a COA, ensuring they are investing in legitimate and high-quality memorabilia. Also, each item comes with Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.



Sports Memorabilia

All Autographs come with Certificate of Authenticity. We also offer Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, the only Autograph company who offer this.



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