Signed Football Shirts – Make Money Selling Signed Football Jerseys

Signed Football Shirts – Make Money Selling Signed Football shirts

Selling signed football jerseys online is an easy way to earn extra money. Football fans love buying signed shirts because they’re unique and collectible. FirstClassMemorabilia are always on the lookout for authentic signed football shirts.



How To Sell A Signed Football Jersey

There are two main ways to sell signed football tops online. You can either sell them directly through eBay or Amazon, or you can sell them through a third party website. We buy many signed shirts from fans and collectors who obtain them in person.





What types of signed shirts are the best to get signed?

They are many different types and styles of shirts available for fans. Mainly genuine shirts obtain much more money than the replicas or Chinese copies. The higher end shirts are usually, European football shirts signed, special games with that game embroidery on it. Shirts worn by players and special edition tops always appeal to the collector and fan. How to get a football shirt signed?


Pele and Maradona for many are the top pieces of football memorabilia you can purchase. Both classed as the greatest’s of all time. 

Diego Maradona Signed Argentina football shirt #10
Maradona signed Argentina shirt



How much is a signed football shirt worth?

Pele autographed Brazil Football shirt signed on the front
Pele signed Brazil shirt




Where to obtain Football Players Autographs?

Many fans obtain autographs from their favourite football framed shirts by waiting outside stadiums and training grounds waiting to get a glimpse of the star. Nowadays, getting close to players is very hard and makes the demand of selling signed football shirts very collectible. How to get a signed football shirt? A lot of waiting around stadiums and training grounds, note many players will refuse to sign.

During covid the changes of meeting a player was extremely slim. Firstly, they didn’t want the chance of catching the virus and they kept their distance from fans and public spaces.





European Footballers best autographs to get.

Besides, often we get asked, what are the best players to get autographs from. We always suggest players who play in top European clubs such as Barcelona and Real Madrid. Manchester united has also a large fan base. Any team who wins or gets to the end of European cups are always the highest in demand.

International stars such as Pele, David Beckham etc will always sell due to their popularity in the football game.



How to get a signed football shirt?

Waiting around stadiums and training grounds are a great way. Nevertheless, sometimes you would need to be prepared to wait a long time. Also, in person signatures ie not sit down signings, are often more messy or shortened by the player. Lots of patience is require for this, note many players will also refuse to sign autographs.



Football signed shirts



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