Rangers 1972 Memorabilia European Cup Winners Autographs

Rangers 1972 Memorabilia European Cup Winners Autographs

Authentic Rangers 1972 Memorabilia European Cup Winners Autographs. Genuine signed memorabilia from Glasgow Rangers 1972 Winners squad.



Football match between Scottish team Rangers and Soviet team Dynamo Moscow served as the 1972 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final. On May 24, 1972, it took place in front of 24,701 spectators at the Camp Nou in Barcelona. It was the 1971–1972 European Cup Winners’ Cup final, one of three football tournaments that UEFA was hosting at the time. Equally important the 12th European Cup Winners’ Cup final had ever occurred.

Before halftime, Rangers scored two goals, and then added a third goal early in the second half. Midway through the second half, Dynamo scored a goal to tie the score, and late in the game, they added another. And then Rangers won 3-2 in the game. Get your hands on authentic Glasgow Rangers cup winners cup memorabilia with authenticity.


Glasgow Rangers European Cup Winners

A pitch invasion right before the game’s conclusion marred the conclusion of the game. Crowd was dispersed so that the final second of the game could be played. After the final whistle, spectators re-entered the field, forcing Rangers captain John Greig to accept the trophy inside the stadium structures. The team was given the moniker “Barcelona Bears” despite the off-field fighting, and the triumph is regarded as the greatest in the club’s history. Authentic Rangers memorabilia from 1972 cup winners cup legends.



1972 Signed Memorabilia Rangers
1972 Signed Memorabilia Rangers



1972 Signed Memorabilia Rangers shirt

Additionally, Rangers won Stade Rennes 2-1 on the overall scoreboard to start their journey to the championship. Lastly, Willie Johnston scored for Rangers in the first leg to tie the game at 1-1. Alex MacDonald gave Rangers a 1-0 victory in the second leg. Furthermore, Rangers faced the Portuguese team Sporting CP in the second round. Also, Rangers had a 3-0 lead in the first half of the first leg, but they conceded two goals to fall down 2-2 going into the second leg. Sporting won the second leg 3-2, making the overall score 5-5.

Again Rangers scored in extra time thanks to a goal from Willie Henderson, but with six seconds left, Rangers conceded, tying the game at 6-6 overall. What happened next has been dubbed one of the strangest episodes in the annals of any European competition. Purchase genuine Rangers European cup winners signed memorabilia.


1972 European cup winners cup final

Laurens van Raavens, a Dutch referee, did not recognise that Rangers had won the match despite Sporting only scoring two goals at home to Rangers’ three. Moreover Rangers lost the shootout after the referee forced both teams commit five penalties each. Then again, the referee was overruled, the outcome was reversed. Further Rangers advanced to the next round after Rangers manager Willie Waddell alerted UEFA about the away goals rule.

Next following match saw Rangers defeat league-leading Torino 2-1 overall. Besides, Rangers faced Bayern Munich in the semi-finals. Bayern Munich had defeated Rangers in the final in Nuremberg five years prior. Uniquely, Rangers advanced 3-1 overall to reach their third European championship game.



1972 Rangers Squad


1    GK          Peter McCloy

2    DF          Sandy Jardine

3    DF          Willie Mathieson

4    DF          John Greig (C)

5    DF          Derek Johnstone

6    MF         Dave Smith

7    MF         Tommy McLean

8    MF         Alfie Conn

9    FW         Colin Stein

10   MF        Willie Johnston



GK     13     Gerry Neef

DF     15     Jim Denny

MF     12     Andy Penman

FW     14     Derek Parlane

MF     16     Graham Fyfe



Willie Waddell




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