Queen Band Signatures – Genuine Queen Memorabilia

Queen Band Signatures

Queen the most iconic influential rock bands of all time. Discover Queen band signatures Freddie Mercury Brian May Roger Taylor John Deacon. Each member of the band had a unique signature, which reflected their personality and musical style. Purchase some genuine Queen Memorabilia.



Freddie Mercury Autographs

Freddie Mercury was the lead singer and frontman of Queen, and his signature, just as flamboyant and theatrical as his stage presence. His signature was typically large and bold, with a curly flourish at the end.

freddie mercury autograph for sale
Authentic Freddie Mercury signature


Brian May Autographs

Brian May is the lead guitarist of Queen, and his signature is neat and precise, reflecting his technical skills and attention to detail.

Brian May autographs queen
Authentic Brian May signature



Roger Taylor Autographs

Also, Roger Taylor is the drummer of Queen, and his signature is energetic and dynamic, just like his drumming style. Authentic Roger Taylor signature.



Roger Taylor Queen autographed Memorabilia photo 8x10"
Roger Taylor Queen autographed Memorabilia photo 8×10″





John Deacon Autographs

John Deacon was the bassist of Queen, and his signature simple and understated, reflecting his humble personality. Authentic John Deacon signature.

John Deacon Autograph photo Queen bassist 8x10"


Evolution of Queen Band Signatures

In addition, Queen’s signatures evolved over the years, as the band matured and their sound changed. In the early days of the band, their signatures were more simple and straightforward. However, as Queen became more successful and their music became more complex, their signatures became more elaborate and flamboyant.

For example, Freddie Mercury’s signature in the early 1970s simply his name written in large, bold letters. His signature in the 1980s was even more elaborate.

Also, Brian May’s signature also evolved over the years. In the early 1970s, his signature simply his name written in neat, precise letters. His signature in the 1980s was even more elaborate. During the 2000’s his signature has shortened.

Nevertheless, Roger Taylor’s signature also evolved over the years. In the early 1970s, his signature simply his name written in large, bold letters. Moving to the flow of up and down characters.

Then again, John Deacon’s signature changed very little over the years. He always used a simple, understated signature. Deacon often shortened.


Genuine Queen Signatures on Autographs

Furthermore, Queen’s signatures highly sought-after by fans, and they often signed Queen autographs after concerts and other public appearances. However, the band known for being selective about who they signed autographs for. Freddie Mercury in particular was known for being very particular about who he signed autographs for, and he would often refuse to sign autographs for people who were rude or demanding.


Authentic Queen Signatures on Memorabilia

Besides, Queen Band Signatures can also be found on a variety of memorabilia, including album covers, concert posters, and photographs. Equally, this memorabilia is highly collectible, and some items can sell for thousands of dollars.


Legacy of Queen Signatures

Additionally, Queen’s signatures are a testament to the band’s iconic status and their enduring popularity. Their signatures are still highly sought-after by fans today, and they continue to be a symbol of rock and roll royalty.

Here are some additional details about Queen’s signatures:


  • Estimated Freddie Mercury’s signature valued between £600 – £2000
  • Estimated Brian May’s signature valued between £50 – £400
  • Estimated Roger Taylor’s signature valued between £50 – £400
  • A John Deacon’s signature valued between £120 – £500


Here are some examples of Queen’s signatures on different types of memorabilia:


    • Authentic Freddie Mercury’s signature on the album cover of Queen II
    • Genuine Brian May’s signature on a concert poster for the Magic Tour
    • Vibrant Roger Taylor’s signature on a photograph of the band from the Live Aid concert
    • Lovely John Deacon’s signature on a bass guitar that he used to play with the band


Then again, Queen Band Signatures a valuable part of their legacy, and continue to be cherished by fans around the world



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