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Discover the Pubs where Amy Winehouse used to drink Camden Town London. Amy Winehouse drank in many bars in Camden Town London. Where she then lived.



The Good Mixer

30 Inverness Street, London NW1 7HJ.

Nestled amidst the vibrant chaos of Camden Town, London, lies The Good Mixer. A no-frills pub, steeped in musical history and forever entwined with the soul of the late, enigmatic Amy Winehouse bar Camden. Stepping into its threshold is like stepping back in time, the air thick with the ghosts of laughter, spilled beer, and melodies past. Visit the Amy Winehouse bar London The Good Mixer.


The good Mixer where Amy Winehouse drank
The good Mixer where Amy Winehouse drank


The Good Mixer wasn’t just a watering hole; it was Amy’s haven. A place where she could shed the superstar persona and become “one of the lads.” Belting out tunes with friends, shooting a mean game of pool, and losing herself in the raw energy of live music. The worn wooden bar still bears the faint etching of her initials, a silent testament to her countless hours spent perched on a stool. Sharing stories and soaking in the creative pulse of Camden.

The walls whisper tales of impromptu jam sessions. Where Amy’s husky vocals would blend with the strumming of guitars and the pounding of drums. Every corner holds a memory, etched in the faded photographs adorning the walls. Each grain of sawdust on the floor a silent witness to the laughter and tears that flowed freely within these walls.


Amy Winehouse playing pool inside the good mixer
Amy Winehouse playing pool inside the good mixer


Images of Amy Winehouse inside the Good Mixer.

But The Good Mixer wasn’t just about Amy. It was a melting pot of Camden’s soul, a haven for aspiring musicians, artists, and dreamers of all stripes. Blur, Lily Allen, Adele – they all graced its stage. Also, their energy igniting the cramped space, leaving behind a legacy that hums beneath the surface.

Today, The Good Mixer carries on, a beacon of gritty authenticity in a world increasingly polished and gentrified. The music has changed, the faces are new, but the spirit remains. You can still feel Amy’s presence in the worn leather booths, hear her echo in the raucous laughter. And glimpse her fire in the eyes of young singers pouring their hearts out on the stage.

For Camden is more than just a place; it’s a feeling. And The Good Mixer is its beating heart, a testament to the raw, unfiltered soul that thrives in the shadows. The music bleeds into laughter, and stories etch themselves onto every brick and beam. So, raise a glass, whether it’s a Camden Pale Ale or a glass of water, to The Good Mixer, to Amy’s memor. Vibrant, messy beauty of Camden that lives on within its walls.



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Dublin Castle

94 Parkway, Camden, London NW1 7AN.

Tucked away in the labyrinthine heart of Camden Town, London, stands the Dublin Castle. Not your typical pub, it pulses with an untamed energy, a gritty melody sung in chipped paint and worn floorboards. And if these walls could talk, they’d weave tales of leather jackets, rock ‘n’ roll dreams, and the soulful spirit of Amy Winehouse. (This is my favourite bar in Camden).


The Dublin Castle Camden London Amy Winehouse local
The Dublin Castle Camden London Amy Winehouse pub local


Amy wasn’t just a patron here; she was woven into the fabric of the Castle. Her laughter still hangs in the smoke-stained air, her voice echoing through the dimly lit corners where she belted out blues tunes with raw, unfiltered passion. On sticky summer nights, you can almost hear the clatter of glasses as she jived with friends, her infectious energy igniting the room.

The Dublin Castle wasn’t just about Amy, though. It was a sanctuary for Camden’s fringe dwellers, a breeding ground for musical mayhem. Bands like Madness and Blur cut their teeth on its stage, their early riffs resonating in the rafters alongside the clinking of pints and whispered hopes. Every scuffed brick tells a story – of Oasis’ first London gig, of Pete Doherty’s impromptu performance, of countless unknown artists chasing their starlight, fuelled by cheap beer and dreams spun from vinyl.


Amy Winehouse performing inside The Dublin Castle
Amy Winehouse Dublin castle Camden performing inside


Photos of Amy Winehouse Camden Pub inside the Dublin Castle.

But for many, the whispers of Amy linger loudest. Her signed portrait above the bar. A defiant wink beneath tousled hair – is a pilgrimage site for fans, a tangible touchstone to the woman who bled raw emotion into every note. The worn mic stand on the stage whispers of her smoky vocals, and the piano in the corner seems to wait for her fingers to dance across its keys.

Today, the Dublin Castle carries on, a weathered vessel navigating the choppy waters of gentrification. Tourists snap photos by the Winehouse portrait, while young punks slam chords in the back room, echoing the spirit of those who came before. The music may have changed, the crowd may be newer, but the soul remains – a gritty, defiant testament to the raw artistry that thrived in these walls.

So, raise a glass, be it Guinness or cider, to the Dublin Castle, to Amy’s memory, and to the wild, unpolished spirit of Camden that still burns bright within its grimy embrace. Let the music wash over you, feel the pulse of a thousand dreams beating in the rhythm, and remember – the echo of a voice silenced too soon still reverberates through these hallowed halls. This is the bar where Blake proposed to Amy. You could see Amy often helping out owner Peggy behind the bar.



The Jazz After Dark

9 Greek Street, London W1D 4DQ.

Ah, the Jazz After Dark in Camden Town – not just a club, but a portal to the smoky, soulful world Amy Winehouse pub inhabited. Here, amidst the swirl of cigarette smoke and the pulsating bass lines. She wasn’t just a global superstar, but a passionate fan, a fellow traveller on the jazz odyssey. This is one of the top Jazz bars in Camden, London.


Jazz after Dark bar Camden London Amy Winehouse
Jazz after Dark bar Camden London Amy Winehouse


Picture the scene: dim lamps casting amber shadows on the brick walls, worn leather booths cradling patrons lost in the music. On stage, a saxophone cries its bluesy tale, while fingers dance across piano keys, painting sonic landscapes. And tucked away in a corner booth, sits Amy, eyes closed, head swaying to the rhythm. This was her sanctuary, where the pressures of fame melted away. Leaving just the raw emotion of the music and the camaraderie of fellow music lovers.

The Jazz After Dark wasn’t just about the stage. Worn bar, scarred with countless spilled drinks and whispered secrets. It was the sticky vinyl floor, bearing the scuff marks of a thousand impromptu dance moves. It was the friendly banter of regulars, their faces etched with the shared language of jazz-fuelled nights. For Amy, it was a familiar embrace, a place where she could be just “Ams,” where her voice, husky and full of fire, could blend seamlessly with the seasoned performers on stage.


Amy Winehouse with Jazz After Dark owner
Amy Winehouse with Jazz After Dark owner


Inside the Jazz After Dark images of Amy Winehouse

Stories abound of her impromptu jams, her laughter echoing through the room as she traded riffs with seasoned musicians. Tales of late-night conversations, fuelled by cheap coffee and the shared love of music, where vulnerabilities were bared and dreams were whispered. The Jazz After Dark became a living tapestry woven from the threads of Amy’s laughter, her tears, her music.

Even after she achieved global fame, the Jazz After Dark remained her anchor. A place to return to, to rediscover the roots of her musical soul, to find solace in the familiar rhythm of the Camden night. And even though she’s gone, her spirit lingers in the air, a faint echo of her voice in the clinking of glasses, a phantom smile in the warm glow of the lamplight.

The Jazz After Dark is more than just a music venue; it’s a living monument to Amy Winehouse memorabilia. A testament to the raw power of music and the enduring spirit of Camden Town. It’s a place where her memory dances on the wind, a reminder that even the brightest stars find their solace in the shared heartbeat of a smoky Jazz After Dark.

So, the next time you find yourself in Camden, step into the Jazz After Dark. Close your eyes. Equally, listen to the music, and let yourself be swept away by the soul of Amy Winehouse. Forever entwined with the very bricks and mortar of this legendary venue.






The Hawley Arms

2 Castlehaven Rd Camden, London NW1 8QU.



The Hawley Arms where Amy Winehouse often drank
The Hawley Arms where Amy Winehouse often drank



In the heart of Camden Town, London, where punk energy collides with vintage charm, stands The Hawley Arms. A Victorian-era pub, weathered and worn, it’s a living tapestry woven with the laughter, music, and bittersweet memories of Camden’s most iconic songbird: Amy Winehouse autographs.

Stepping through the arched doorway is like entering a time capsule. Additionally, the low-lit interior, adorned with vintage beer posters and faded photographs. Furthermore, whispers of bygone bohemians and impromptu jam sessions. Every nook and cranny holds a story. Every scuffed patch on the wooden floor a silent witness to countless pints raised and dreams shared.



Amy Winehouse outside The Hawley Arms
Amy Winehouse outside The Hawley Arms



But for many, The Hawley Arms is synonymous with Amy. It was her local, her sanctuary, a place where she could slip off the celebrity mask and become just one of the Camden crew. Here, amongst the regulars and fellow musicians, she could belt out heartfelt ballads. Crack jokes with bar staff, and lose herself in the unpretentious pulse of the pub.

The worn wooden bar still bears the faint indentation of her initials. Etched by countless elbows resting on its surface as she regaled friends with tales and serenaded them with impromptu tunes. On the exposed brick walls, amidst faded flyers and gig posters, a mural stands in tribute. Finally, Amy’s soulful eyes gazing out, forever a part of The Hawley Arms’ soul.

Amy Winehouse arriving at The Hawley Arms
Amy Winehouse Hawley Arms



Amy’s local pub The Hawley Arms Camden

The Hawley Arms wasn’t just Amy’s haven, a crucible for Camden’s creative fire. Additionally, Pete Doherty, Noel Fielding, Kate Moss – they all found solace and inspiration within its walls. Then again, live music thrummed through the air, guitars wailing and drums pounding, each note echoing the vibrant spirit of Camden’s underground scene.

Today, The Hawley Arms carries on, a beacon of raw authenticity in a world increasingly polished and sanitized. The music has evolved, the faces are new, but the essence remains. You can still feel Amy’s presence in the worn booths. Equally, hear her echo in the raucous laughter. Glimpse her fire in the eyes of young artists pouring their hearts out on the stage. Also, a lovely signed Back to Black album on the wall.

Amy inside The Hawley Arms bar Camden London
Amy inside The Hawley Arms bar Camden London


For The Hawley Arms is more than just a pub; it’s a testament to the unfiltered soul of Camden. Besides, stories seep into the brickwork and music hangs heavy in the air. Equally, it’s a canvas where Amy Winehouse painted her soul, leaving behind a vibrant legacy that continues to inspire and ignite. So, raise a glass, whether it’s a pint of Camden Hells or a cup of tea, to The Hawley Arms. To the memory of Amy Winehouse, and to the raw, untamed spirit of Camden that beats eternally within its walls.

When Amy drank in The Hawley Arms she would often drink a Rickstasy Cocktail. Now a days Hawley Arms don’t serve this drink anymore. Also, this was Amy Winehouse favourite drink.


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The Netflix show Baby Reindeer real location was The Hawley Arms in Camden.





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