Peter Cushing Autographs and signed memorabilia

Peter Cushing Autographs and signed memorabilia

Authentic Peter Cushing Autographs and signed memorabilia. Great signed memorabilia from the legendary actor Peter Cushing.



Peter Cushing, a legendary British actor known for his roles in horror and sci-fi films. Though he had a long and storied career on stage and screen, perhaps best remembered by modern audiences for his role as Grand Moff Tarkin in the original Star Wars film in 1977.



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Genuine Peter Cushing signed Star Wars photo

Cushing’s autograph, highly sought after by Star Wars collectors and memorabilia enthusiasts. Signed photos, posters, and other items related to his Star Wars work can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars at auction. Cushing signed merchandise and memorabilia, especially prized because he sadly passed away in 1994. His autograph has become a scarce commodity that provides a direct connection to one of the greatest actors and iconic Star Wars characters.



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Signature of Peter Cushing

Beyond Star Wars, signed material related to Cushing’s other famous roles also popular with collectors. This includes horror films like the Hammer productions of Frankenstein and Dracula, where he played the titular vampire hunter Van Helsing. Vintage signed photographs and promotional material from these films can also command high prices due to their rarity.



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Star Wars signed Memorabilia

Authentic Peter Cushing autographs, accompanied by certificates of authenticity from FirstClassMemorabilia. Forgeries, known to flood the memorabilia market, so collectors must be wary of cheap unsigned photos or sketchy sources. Provenance and documentation are key when assessing the legitimacy of a Cushing signature.


Peter Cushing brought his incisive talent and gravitas to the role of Grand Moff Tarkin. While initially hesitant about being typecast or pigeon-holed by taking a role in a science fiction adventure. He quickly embraced the impact Star Wars signed memorabilia had on cinema and culture. His iconic character remains one of the most memorable villains in movie history. For fans and collectors, obtaining a certified authentic autograph is the ultimate way to own a piece of this cinematic legend.