Muhammad Ali Autographs Cassius Clay signed Memorabilia

Muhammad Ali Autographs Cassius Clay signed Memorabilia


Authentic Muhammad Ali Autographs Cassius Clay signed Memorabilia. Genuine signed boxing memorabilia from Muhammad Ali.



Muhammad Ali, an American professional boxer and activist who was born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. on January 17, 1942. He passed away on June 3, 2016. Known as “The Greatest” and frequently cited as the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. Regarded as one of the most important sports figures of the 20th century. Receiving the Sportsman of the Century award from Sports Illustrated and the BBC in 1999, respectively.



Muhammad Ali signed limited print sold for $3500 in Nov 2022
Muhammad Ali signed limited print sold for $3500 in Nov 2022






Boxing Memorabilia Muhammad Ali

Raised in Louisville, Kentucky, and at the age of 12 he started boxing as an amateur. At the 1960 Summer Olympics, he won the gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the age of 18. And later that year, he turned professional. He converted to Islam in 1961. On February 25, 1964, at the age of 22, he defeated Sonny Liston to win the heavyweight world title. In that year, he formally changed his name to Muhammad Ali.



Cassius Clay signed photograph
Cassius Clay signed photograph sold for $1100 in Oct 2022



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Due to his religious convictions and moral opposition to the Vietnam War, Ali refused to be conscripted into the military in 1966. As a result, he was found guilty of draught dodging and had his boxing titles taken away. Throughout his appeal to the Supreme Court, when his conviction was reversed in 1971, he remained free of custody. He missed out on a period of athletic peak performance by staying out of the ring for almost four years. Ali was a very prominent figure of racial pride for African Americans during the civil rights struggle and throughout his career. His activities as a Vietnam War conscientious objector made him an icon for the greater counterculture of the 1960s generation.




The Greatest Muhammad Ali signed boxing memorabilia
The Greatest Muhammad Ali signed boxing memorabilia Sold for $1200 in Oct 2022



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His highly known fights with Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier (including the Fight of the Century, the biggest boxing event to date), the Thrilla in Manila, and his contest with George Foreman in The Rumble in the Jungle are just a few of the notable boxing contests in which he competed. At a period when most boxers let their handlers do the talking, Ali thrived in the spotlight and gained notoriety for his outrageous and controversial persona. Well known for his trash talking, rhyme schemes, and spoken word poetry that incorporated hip hop themes. Also, he frequently predicted the round in which he would defeat his opponent.



Genuine Muhammad Ali Autograph
Genuine Muhammad Ali Autograph sold for $350 in July 2022



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I Am the Greatest! (1963) and The Adventures of Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay are two studio albums that Ali released after he became successful as a spoken word performer outside of boxing (1976). Both albums nominated for Grammy Awards. Along with writing and acting, he published two memoirs. In 1981, Ali stopped competing in boxing and devoted himself to activism, charities, and his faith. He announced his diagnosis of Parkinson’s syndrome in 1984, though he and his specialised doctors contested this. Parkinson’s syndrome has been linked in some reports to injuries sustained during boxing. He continued to be a prominent global figure, but as his health declined. Taken care of by his family, he made fewer public appearances in his later years.



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