Joy Division Autographs signed music memorabilia

Joy Division Autographs signed music memorabilia

Authentic Joy Division Autographs signed music memorabilia. Genuine signed autographs and memorabilia from Joy Division.



Joy Division were an English rock band formed in 1976 in Salford. Ian Curtis, guitarist/keyboardist Bernard Sumner, bassist Peter Hook, and drummer Stephen Morris comprised the band.


Signed Memorabilia Joy Division

Sumner and Hook started the band after seeing a Sex Pistols show in June 1976. While Joy Division’s early records were greatly influenced by early punk.They quickly developed a sparse, mournful aesthetic that established them as a post-punk pioneer. Their self-released debut EP An Ideal for Living in 1978 grabbed the attention of Tony Wilson. A Manchester television personality, who signed them to his independent company Factory Records. Unknown Pleasures, their debut album made with producer Martin Hannett, released in 1979.


Joy Division Autographs 78 79
Joy Division Autographs 78 79



Autograph of Joy Division

Curtis faced with personal issues such as a broken marriage, depression, and epilepsy. Curtis’ health condition made it increasingly harder for him to perform as the band’s success grew. He occasionally had seizures on stage. He committed suicide on the eve of the band’s first North American tour in May 1980, at the age of 23. Closer, Joy Division’s second and final album, released two months later, and it, together with the single. “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” became the band’s highest-charting releases.


Then again, between July and October 1980, the remaining members reformed as New Order. Furthermore, they achieved fame over the next decade by fusing post-punk with electronic and dance music autographs elements.


Joy Division signed Unknown Pleasures album
Unknown Pleasures album signed on the front cover in silver ink by Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner, and Stephen Morris



Despite their brief tenure, Joy Division had a significant impact. According to AllMusic’s John Bush, Joy Division “became the first band in the post-punk trend by… emphasising mood and expression rather than rage and energy, foreshadowing the growth of gloomy alternative music in the ’80s.”


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Joy Division impacted bands such as the Cure and U2, as well as later acts such as Bloc Party, Editors, Interpol, The Proclaimers, and Soundgarden. Joy Division were “one of the most important bands of the previous four or five years,” according to U2 singer Bono in 1980. Rapper Danny Brown called his album Atrocity Exhibition after the Joy Division song of the same name, which was inspired in part by the 1970 J. G. Ballard collection of condensed novels of the same name. New Order and Joy Division, both inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005.




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