Inside Amy Winehouse home 30 Camden Square London

Inside Amy Winehouse home 30 Camden Square London

See images of Inside Amy Winehouse home 30 Camden Square London. The house where Amy Winehouse passed away in. Her Camden London house.




March 2010 Amy decided to move back to Camden after a few months away in St Lucia and Hadley Wood. She purchased property 30 Camden Square. Her father Mitch decided to renovate the property which was set out as flats. Being back, Amy sadly still followed everywhere by paparazzi and would spend days on end inside the house.

May fans have stolen the street sign more than 14 times to date since Amy’s passing. Costing the council £290 per sign. The original street sign was signed by fans after her death as a pilgrimage. Later sold via Amy Winehouse estate auction for: $19,200 plus buyers fees in 2021.


Camden Square Street signed Amy Winehouse auction



Photos inside 30 Camden Square London

To a lot of Amy Winehouse fans, this is the place where majority pay their respects to Amy. Across the road of number 30 there is a tree where fans leave gifts and notes in respect to Amy. This is a touching tribute and to see the lovely words left is lovely.



Front garden of Amy’s last house Camden Square


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Entrance to Amy Winehouse house 30 Camden square


As you can see the front garden is lovely and maintained. Besides, bushes at the front short wall offered privacy for Amy.



Rear Garden photos

Back Garden of 30 Camden Square


Patio of 30 Camden Square London

Patio of Amy Winehouse former home


Rear Garden of Amy Winehouse house camden


Also, Amy always wanted to have children. This would of been a lovely garden to bring kids up.




Kitchen inside 30 Camden Square London, Amy’s home.


Amy Winehouse's last home her kitchen


Kitchen inside 30 camden square amy winehouse


London Camden Square Kitchen former home of Amy Winehouse


Retro style kitchen, believed to be to be designed by her father. Equally, according to Janis (Amy’s mum) she wasn’t a great fan of this décor.



Main Bathroom


Main Bathroom inside amy winehouse's home

Main bathroom 30 Camden Square

Bath inside 30 camden square main bathroom

Amy Winehouse bathroom former house



Living Room (Coming soon)











Amy Winehouse former home 30 Camden Square

Autographs of Amy Winehouse

Authentic Amy Winehouse memorabilia

Pubs where Amy Winehouse drank Camden London