How Much Is an Autograph Worth?

How Much Is an Autograph Worth?

Have you every wondered How Much Is an Autograph Worth? Maybe an item you obtained in person could be worth thousands of pounds.


Have you ever attended a game with a professional team? There is nothing quite like watching the pros perform in person. Whether it be a football game, tennis match, golf competition or music concert.

You might be tempted to linger near the stadium entrances after the major game or match, hoping to catch a glimpse of your favourite player.




Autograph or Selfie?

After seeing your favourite player in person, what would be your initial reaction? Like many young people, you might want an autograph or a selfie. Is there a more memorable keepsake from the event than the artist/player’s autograph on the back of a programme or a shirt?


You might consider a signature from your favourite player to be a treasure to you. It absolutely does have a specific monetary worth in actuality. Additionally, a single autograph might be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. All depending which celebrity.


The fame or celebrity of the signer in issue as well as the rarity of the autograph are often two variables that determine how much it is worth. Nevertheless, The value of an autograph increases with a person’s fame or notoriety. Similar to this, rarity raises value.




What’s the most expensive autograph?


The Top 10 Autograph values in recent sales:


  1. George Washington’s Acts of Congress: $9.8 Million
  2. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation: $3.7 Million
  3. John Lennon’s Murderer Signed LP: $525,000
  4. Babe Ruth’s Baseball: $388,375
  5. Jimi Hendrix’s Contract: $200,000
  6. Joe DiMaggio & Marilyn Monroe’s Baseball: $191,200
  7. Albert Einstein’s Photo: $75,000
  8. Jimmy Page’s Guitar: $73,000
  9. Jesse James’s Photo: $52,000
  10. John F. Kennedy’s Newspaper: $39,000



Shakespeare’s signature worth was $1 million in late 90’s. Now of 2023 the value of this is $5 million. Also, they are only 6 known genuine signatures of William Shakespeare. As I believe these are documents regarding properties.


Additionally, many historical figures are always good investments, even Royalty autographs. Besides, signed contracts or handwritten signed letters are always on high demand.




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