How much are The Beatles Autographs worth?

How much are The Beatles Autographs worth?

A question we get asked often is How much are The Beatles Autographs worth?. This is a difficult question as a lot of things make items more rarer than other.



Sad thing is, around 80% of The Beatles signatures that are found online in marketplace place auctions etc are most fake. Forgers love trying to copy The Beatles autographs to gain a quick buck. Thankfully with years of experience you learn to understand the signers writing styles; pen pressures, and many more interesting factors. Learn all 4 Beatles autographs value.


Beatles Autograph demand

Due to The Beatles being the biggest band in the world, who changed music history and had such a massive presence during pop culture era; the value of authentic Beatles memorabilia is only every increasing in value each year.


Mid/late 90’s Beatles Autograph Value

During the mid to late 90’s I personally started collecting autographs. Back then many celebrities were happy to sign their autographs for fans. But gaining access to such high figures were near impossible. During this time, I started studying The Beatles handwriting styles, learning the differences of each year the signed Beatles memorabilia were together and seeing their changes in signatures. How much are the Beatles worth?

Demand then was increasing, I remember being able to purchase a full set on the one page for anywhere between £800 – £1200, condition being a big factor in the later figure. For any fan or investor The Beatles Autographs always go up in value. Purchase genuine Beatles Autographs with authenticity from FirstClassMemorabilia.


Rarest Beatles signatures

The Beatles during their later years never toured, access to the members were near impossible. Due to the rarity of the band members being out in public; their autograph prices for these years are massively higher than the early 60’s. Any autographed Beatles photo is always worth more than paper signatures.

Additionally, The Beatles signatures from 1967 and onwards, full sets are most rarer and demand high figures. The Beatles signed autographs are one of the most expensive signatures for a group.


Beatles autographs 1969 1970 with yoko
Beatles autographs 1969 1970 with yoko




Authentic The Beatles Signed Photo

There has been a few signed photographs circulating of The Beatles signatures, my favourite is the Help! era signed photos but these are rare and most are dedicated. Around 62 – 62 they were a good few signed promo photographs of the Beatles signed photos for sale. A lot of these were signed on the paper signed, so if you have one front signed. These are worth around £6000 – £8000 depending of condition. Help! era signed photographs your talking £12,000+.


the beatles signed photo 22nd feb 1965
beatles signed photos for sale



The Beatles autographed record vinyl

Signed Vinyl’s are what the collectors tend to go for. Besides, these are big big money in the memorabilia market. The same goes with signed Lp’s; the later years are the most rarest and hit high records. I’ve seen early examples reaching £10,000 to Abbey Road, White Album hitting over £80,000. Equally, you can see these are great investments in any form.


the beatles autographs valuation signed album
With The Beatles album signed by the Beatles







Rough Valuations of The Beatles signed memorabilia (2022):


Signed note page 62/65 era: £3000 – £6000 (Depending on condition)

Signed page from 66 onwards: £6000 – £9000 (Depending on condition)

Genuine signed Beatles photo from: 62/64: £6000 – £9000 (Depending on condition)

The Beatles Photograph signed 65 onwards: £12,000 upwards. (Depending on condition)


NOTE: A number of factors are to determine valuations, condition, pens used, era of the signature, provenance plus many more factors.




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