Houses where Freddie Mercury lived London



Discover the Houses where Freddie Mercury lived London. Freddie moved to England and only lived in a small number of homes in London. See images of Freddie Mercury houses throughout his years.




Home of Freddie Mercury 60’s 

22 Gladstone Avenue, Feltham, London


Home of Freddie Mercury 60s childhood London
Home of Freddie Mercury 60s



Unveil the London beginnings of rock legend Freddie Mercury at 22 Gladstone Avenue, Feltham. This modest terraced house marks where the young Farrokh Bulsara (Freddie Mercury) lived with his family after immigrating to Britain. Commemorated with an English Heritage blue plaque, it’s a must-visit for Queen fans on a pilgrimage to Freddie’s formative years.

He crashed at various London flats between 1966 and 1969 while he studied for a Diploma in Graphic Art and Design at Ealing College and took various jobs to support himself, including washing dishes in the kitchens of Heathrow Airport, just a stone’s throw from Gladstone Avenue.

It was at Ealing College that he was introduced to the band Smile, whose members included Brian May on guitar and Roger Taylor on drums. At the unveiling of Mercury’s plaque, May, who also grew up in Feltham, recalled visiting Freddie Mercury Feltham address at number 22.






Moving to Kensington London 1969

42 Addison Gardens, Hammersmith, London W14 0DP



42 Addison Gardens, Hammersmith, London W14 0DP Freddie Mercury flat

August 1969: Freddie Mercury moves in with his friends in Kensington

Freddie continues to travel back and forth between his parents’ house and his fine arts school at Ealing College, but finds a second home with his friends Paul Humberstone and Chris Smith who rent an apartment at 42b Addison Gardens in Kensington.






Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin move in together

100 Holland Road, Kensington, London W14 8BD


100 Holland Road, Kensington, London W14 8BD


Shortly after meeting, Mary and Freddie moved into a small, old-fashioned flat near Kensington Market. This very flat would become the birthplace of Freddie’s masterpiece, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It’s also where, in 1973, Doug Puddifoot organized the band’s first photoshoot – several of those photos graced the back of their debut album.

Despite his growing career, Freddie remained committed to Mary. He proposed to Mary in 1974, and she accepted. However, their union would never come to fruition.

In 1976, Freddie publicly announced his bisexuality. Mary, with remarkable insight, countered that he wasn’t bisexual, but gay. This realization, along with the pressures of Freddie’s burgeoning fame. Led to their separation and them moving to separate residences that same year.





Stafford Terrace Freddie Mercury’s second last home

12 Stafford Terrace, Kensington, London W8 7BH




At the end of 1976, Freddie and Mary separate and leave their apartment at 100 Holland Road. Freddie moved into a stunning two-story penthouse at 12 Stafford Terrace in Holland Park. As a farewell gift, Freddie gives Mary Austin a nearby apartment worth £300.000.

Mercury lived at this address until he met Jim Hutton in 1985, then moved to Garden Lodge.






Garden Lodge Freddie Mercury last home

The Garden Lodge, Logan Place, Kensington, W8 6QN.





Shrouded in the vibrant foliage of London’s Kensington lies Garden Lodge, a majestic Victorian residence that became Freddie Mercury’s final haven. Equally, seeking refuge from the relentless spotlight, Freddie moved into this grand townhouse in 1985. This wasn’t just a home; it became a vibrant creative hub. Boasting its own recording studio, Garden Lodge has many last songs ever recorded by Freddie.

Despite battling illness, Freddie’s artistic spirit thrived within these walls. Beyond the creative frenzy, Garden Lodge offered solace. Intimate evenings were spent with close friends, finding comfort in the warmth of the house and the tranquillity of its flourishing garden. More than just a property, Garden Lodge served as a sanctuary for Freddie’s final chapter – a place to create, connect, and find peace.

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