Former Houses where Amy Winehouse Lived Camden London

Former Houses where Amy Winehouse Lived Camden London

See the Former Houses where Amy Winehouse Lived in Camden London. Amy had a short career but lived in various properties throughout London.


We all know Amy didn’t have the best of times while living in London. Due to constant harassment from paparazzi. Amy moved a number of times to try and move away from this.



When Amy Winehouse released Frank she was given £75,000 at the time for the recording. Her first thing she did was buy an apartment in the London Suburb of Camden. Camden is well known for its music roots. They are all types of music genres that are around Camden and it’s lovely to mix within them all if you ever visit. The famous Amy Winehouse house Camden.


Where did Amy Winehouse live in London?


Jeffrey’s Place Camden Amy Winehouse first property


This is the property Amy purchased after receiving her first pay cheque. To this day the property is still in the Winehouse Estate and often used by her father Mitch Winehouse.


Amy Winehouse house jefferys place camden
Amy Winehouse leaving the gates at Jeffrey’s Place, Camden, London.


Amy Winehouse house jefferys place camden door after drug raid
Amy Winehouse house Jeffreys place Camden door after drug raid




Round the Corner to Prowse Place


With the amount of press Amy moved around the corner to Prowse Place. This turned out to be worse for Amy as when the press found out she moved they constantly hounded her at this property. It’s known that Amy, nice to many of the paparazzi and often gave them cups of tea and ice lollies.


Prowse Place Camden Amy Winehouse home
Prowse Place Camden Amy Winehouse home


The house in Prowse Place where Amy lived
The house in Prowse Place where Amy lived taken by Greig McArthur 2019.



As you can see from the map below. Prowse Place and Jeffrey’s Place one street away.

amy winehouse houses jefferys place prowse place




Amy moves away from Camden

In 2009, Amy moved away from Camden after her divorce from Blake. She was on holiday for 2 months in St Lucia to keep off the drugs. It reported:

“Camden holds a lot of bad memories – especially the time spent there with Blake. So while she was away, her mum Janis went house-hunting on Amy’s behalf, looking at pads near her own.

“She found a Regency-style four-bedroom townhouse in a middle-class, suburban area in Barnet. This property rented by Winehouse. Janis wants Amy close to her, so she can keep a strict eye on her daughter.

“The move is to ensure Amy stays out of harm’s way and focuses on making great music.” Equally, Amy Winehouse Camden Town.



amy winehouse house barnet london outside amy winehouse house barnet london


Greenbrook Ave, the house that Amy Winehouse rented before moving back to Camden.




Besides, moving out of the city for a few months Amy returned purchasing her final house in Camden Square.




The House where Amy Winehouse died in.

Sadly, at the end of her life, Amy Winehouse’s enormous talent overshadowed by her addiction to drugs and alcohol. The singer died tragically on July 23, 2011, at the age of 27 from accidental alcohol poisoning.

Winehouse’s life and career in the focus of the critically acclaimed documentary Amy; which hit theatres in 2015. While the work, widely celebrated. Receiving an Academy Award in 2016 for best documentary, the less than flattering portrayal of Amy Winehouse father upset her family. The family released a statement through a spokesperson is shown Amy shown at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. Stating that the project “is a missed opportunity to celebrate her life and talent and that it is both misleading and contains some basic untruths.”

Nevertheless, She died in her Camden House at 30, Camden Square, London. Her father used the premises as part of the Amy Winehouse autograph Foundation charity but then sold the property. Originally listed for £2.8 Million the house sold for £1.9 Million during an auction. Genuine photographs of Amy Winehouse London house.


Camden Square Amy Winehouse


30 Camden Square Amy Winehouse died
30 Camden Square Amy Winehouse died


Outside Amy Winehouse house 30 Camden Square.

Images of Amy Winehouse outside house 30 Camden Square
Images of Amy Winehouse outside house 30 Camden Square. The last of Amy Winehouse house address.



Who owns 30 Camden Square now?

After Amy’s sad passing at her London home, Mitch and Janis (her parents) set up the charity Amy Winehouse Foundation and this was based in her former house.

The property was finally listed, originally put up for sale for £2.7million by Amy’s family in May 2012. But agents were inundated with requests from fans who wanted to view it.

In December 2012 it sold for £1.98m to City entrepreneur and vineyard owner Richard Balfour-Lynn. The one time owner of the Malmaison hotel chain, and his wife Leslie.


In 2020 the property sold again

Then again, the house went back up for sale and, bought in 2020 for £3.5million by Oxford University educated Ben Tansey, 34. Who is an investment analyst and a homelessness campaigner, and his wife Charlotte.








Pubs where Amy Winehouse drank in Camden London



Inside Amy Winehouse home 30 Camden Square London

Authentic Amy Winehouse Autographs

Genuine Amy Winehouse Memorabilia








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