Original Handwritten Lyrics Music Memorabilia

Original Handwritten Lyrics Music Memorabilia

Authentic Original Handwritten Lyrics Music Memorabilia. Written by your favourite music stars. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.




For music fans, few things hold the same power as a handwritten lyric sheet. It’s a tangible piece of the creative process, a glimpse into the songwriter’s mind as they poured their emotions and experiences onto paper. Owning an original handwritten lyric sheet isn’t just about acquiring a collector’s item. It’s about owning a piece of musical history, a connection to the song’s birth and the artist’s soul.


This article delves into the captivating world of music handwritten lyrics in music memorabilia. Furthermore, exploring their value, appeal, and the market surrounding them. We’ll discuss:


    • The Allure of Authenticity: Why handwritten lyrics hold such significance for collectors and fans.
    • Investing in Emotion: The factors that determine the value of handwritten song lyrics.
    • Beyond the Price Tag: The emotional connection and historical significance of owning original lyrics.
    • Navigating the Market: Where to find, authenticate, and purchase Oasis handwritten lyrics responsibly.



Noel Gallagher handwritten Lyrics to Live Forever Oasis hit
Noel Gallagher handwritten Lyrics to Live Forever Oasis hit



The Allure of Authenticity:

Music is an emotional journey, and handwritten lyrics offer a window into the songwriter’s heart. They reveal the raw, unpolished thoughts and feelings that inspired the song. Also, offering a unique perspective beyond the final, polished product. Imagine holding John Lennon’s scribbled notes for “Imagine,” or Bob Dylan’s crossed-out lines for “Blowin’ in the Wind.” These are more than just words on paper. Besides, they’re fragments of history, whispers of inspiration, and tangible evidence of the creative spark.


Investing in Emotion:

The value of handwritten lyrics is subjective and depends on various factors:


    • Artist’s Popularity and Significance: Lyrics by iconic artists like John LennonBob Dylan, or Michael Jackson will naturally command higher prices.
    • Song’s Cultural Impact: Lyrics from anthems like “Imagine” or “Bohemian Rhapsody” hold greater value than lesser-known songs.
    • Historical Context: Lyrics written during pivotal moments in the artist’s career or history carry added significance.
    • Physical Condition: Well-preserved lyrics are more valuable than damaged or faded ones.
    • Provenance and Authenticity: A clear chain of ownership and verification from reputable sources is crucial.


While some handwritten song words fetch millions at auctions (like John Lennon’s “Imagine” for $2.8 million), others might be more affordable. Regardless of the price tag, the true value lies in the emotional connection and historical significance.



Kyle Falconer's Handwritten Signed Lyrics to Same Jeans The View
Kyle Falconer’s Handwritten Signed Lyrics to Same Jeans The View



Beyond the Price Tag:

Owning handwritten lyrics isn’t just about the monetary value; it’s about:


    • Connecting with the Artist: It allows you to feel a deeper connection to the artist and their creative process.
    • Owning a Piece of History: You’re not just buying a lyric sheet; you’re acquiring a piece of music history.
    • Preserving Musical Legacy: Equally, owning these artefacts ensures their preservation for future generations.


Navigating the Market:

The market for handwritten songs is complex and requires careful research and due diligence. Then again, here are some tips:


    • Deal with reputable sellers: Look for established auction houses, music memorabilia dealers, or private sellers with a proven track record.
    • Demand authenticity: Always request documentation like certificates of authenticity, provenance records, and expert appraisals.
    • Do your research: Understand the artist, song, and market value before making a purchase.
    • Set a budget: Determine your spending limit and stick to it.
    • Consider ethical sourcing: Ensure the lyrics were obtained ethically and legally.



Additionally, written lyrics offer a unique and powerful connection to the music we love. They’re more than just collector’s items; they’re windows into the creative process, pieces of history, and emotional touchstones for music fans. By understanding their value, navigating the market responsibly, and appreciating their historical and emotional significance, you can own a piece of the song and connect with the artist and music on a deeper level.


Selling original handwritten lyrics?

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