Everything You Need to Know About Collecting Music Autographs

Everything You Need to Know About Collecting Music Autographs

Learn how to authenticate and store musical autographs like a pro! We’ve got the tricks and tips for proper collection of autographed music memorabilia. This is the page for your research into collecting music autographs.



Collecting Music Autographs and memorabilia is an exciting hobby that can enhance your collection of rare and collectible items. To ensure their authenticity, proper handling and storing are essential. Here are a few tricks and tips to help you authenticate and store music autographs like a pro!


Research the history of your autograph

Part of authenticating musical autographs is determining whether or not the item is genuine. Researching the history of a signed item can help answer this question, as certain circumstances may indicate authenticity. For example, records with autographs that were signed at a record store appearance may be more likely to be authentic. Than those obtained through online auctions or third-party sellers. Additionally, you should research the artist’s past signing habits to prevent forgeries and scams. These are good tips for Collecting Music Autographs.



Get a certificate of authenticity

It is a good idea to get a certificate of authenticity (COA) with any autographed item you purchase. This document provides proof that the item is in fact signed in person by the artist. Purchased online or the signature forged. A COA should include detailed information about the item. Including where and when signed, who witnessed the signing, and other important details. Typically offered by dealers and third-party authentication services who offer expert opinions on music memorabilia. Do your research on the Third Party Authenticators as they do make mistake.


FirstClassMemorabilia - Letter of Authenticity LOA
FirstClassMemorabilia – Letter of Authenticity LOA



Keep track of your autograph collection

Develop a system of information and documentation that explains every item in your collection. This should include items such as the musician/band, signature, date and location of signature via an event or other special occasion. Additionally, Name of person who signed the autograph, and details like where you purchased or obtained the item. Nevertheless, Consider taking pictures or videos of each autographed object to document the condition and have evidence if you ever need it. Besides, keep all original documents related to the item, including letters or receipts confirming authenticity.





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