Celebrity Owned Memorabilia for sale

Celebrity Owned Memorabilia for sale

Genuine Celebrity Owned Memorabilia for sale. Purchase items owned and worn by famous celebrities. Items come with Lifetime Money Guarantee.



Memorabilia Owned By Celebrities

Genuine Celebrity Owned Memorabilia. Buy personal items owned and used by famous celebrities. From the film industry to music artists. All our items come with Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. Our collection contains years of searching for the most authentic and rare items available. We have attended many Estate Auctions are the world to offer the most valuable celebrity items to our customers.

They are many auction houses who specialise in these such items, Sotheby’s, Julien’s and even PropStore can be great at times. Also, we prefer to purchase directly from the Estate Auction held by the families.

Not only are Celebrity owned items can be great for fans. Showing off a piece of clothing or instrument that your favourite celebrity has worn or used is the pinnacle of memorabilia collection. These items matched with photo proof reach massive amounts of money due to the demand not only of fans by collectors also.


Genuine Amy Winehouse photoshoot dress concert worn Pucci style. This Pucci style dress worn by Amy during a 2003 photoshoot with Phil Knott.

The dress also worn by Amy during her Rock City gig, in Nottingham 9th November 2004.

Memorabilia of Amy Winehouse worn Pucci dress Amy Winehouse photoshoot dress concert worn Pucci style




Celebrity Owned items for sale

In addition, investing in Celebrity Owned Memorabilia and autographs. Of course, in recent years a very popular area for those seeking alternative investments. Together with premium autographs proving to be a number 1 choice. From Hollywood greats to Rock & Pop artists. Sporting Legends to Makers of History. Additionally, The demand for top quality autographs and celebrity memorabilia has become greater than ever before.





Which Celebrity estate auctions have we been involved in?

Thankfully we started collecting back in 1998 when the amount of forgeries or fake items were minute. Besides, nowadays 90% of items listed on auction sites or selling pages are forgeries. People trying to make a quick buck.


Cozy Powell – Purchased a genuine crash cymbal used by Cozy on tour.

Ginger Baker – Owned and photographed African drum used and played by Ginger.

Amy Winehouse – Many dresses and other items of clothing worn by Amy Winehouse during her estate sale.

Freddie Mercury – Sotheby’s auction in 2023 – T-shirts and other pieces of clothing.