Brian Epstein Autographs signed The Beatles memorabilia

Brian Epstein Autographs signed The Beatles memorabilia

Authentic Brian Epstein Autographs signed The Beatles memorabilia. Genuine signed autographs from The Beatles Manager.



From 1962 until his passing on August 27, 1967, Brian Samuel Epstein, a British music businessman, managed the The Beatles autographs.


Brian Epstein signed memorabilia

Epstein was raised in Liverpool by a prominent business family, who appointed him manager of their music store, where he had a penchant for finding talent. In 1961, he first encountered the Beatles during a Cavern Club lunchtime performance in Liverpool. Epstein put them under contract and urged that they give up their scruffy image in favour of a new clean-cut look, despite the fact that he had no prior experience managing artists. George Martin of the EMI company was then persuaded to create their records.


Brian Epstein signed beatles memorabilia


The Beatles Autographs

The Beatles became well-known worldwide in a matter of months. Epstein travelled with them to the US, where inundated with requests for merchandise. But he had already given away 90% of the rights. Under his leadership, a few of Epstein’s other early findings had also flourished. They comprised Tommy Quickly, Cilla Black, The Big Three, Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas, Gerry and the Pacemakers, and Tommy Quickly. At the age of 32, he passed away from an accidental sedative overdose in 1967.


Brian Epstein autographs


Epstein apparently made the four Beatles an offer for a set lifetime salary of £50 per week (about $1,200 in 2021). Harrison said that at the time, he was making £25 per week (equal to £600 in 2021), which was more than his father, who was making £10 per week (equivalent to £200 in 2021). The group turned down Epstein’s offer because they felt their worth went far beyond £50 per week.


Brian Epstein signed The Beatles contract Feb 1964

Epstein signed Beatles contract 1964



Brian Epstein autograph July 1964





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