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Brandon Bruce Lee (February 1, 1965 – March 31, 1993) an American actor. Fight choreographer, and martial artist. Establishing himself as a rising action star in the early 1990s. Landing his breakthrough role as Eric Draven in the dark fantasy film The Crow (1994). Furthermore, Lee’s career, however, was cut short by his accidental death during The Crows production. Get an authentic Brandon Lee autograph today for your collection.



Brandon Lee signed memorabilia
Genuine Brandon Lee signature



Genuine Brandon Lee signed movie memorabilia

Besides, the son of martial artist and film star Bruce Lee Autographs, who died when Brandon Lee was eight years old. Additionally, Lee, who followed in his father’s footsteps, trained in martial arts and studied acting. At Emerson College and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. He started his career with leading roles in the Hong Kong action film Legacy of Rage (1986). And the straight-to-video Laser Mission (1989). Lee also appeared in two spin-offs of the 1970s series Kung Fu. The television film Kung Fu: The Movie (1986) and the pilot Kung Fu: The Next Generation (1987).




Brandon Lee Rare Autograph
Genuine Brandon Lee autograph



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Transitioning to Hollywood productions, Lee first starred in the Warner Bros buddy cop film Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991), co-starring Dolph Lundgren autographs. While it did not do well with audiences and critics upon its release. It later became a cult film. Additionally, followed by a leading role in Rapid Fire (1992) produced by 20th Century Fox. Though the film, not well-received, critics praised Lee’s onscreen presence. Get your hands on Brandon Lee The Crow memorabilia.

After being cast to headline The Crow, Lee had filmed nearly all of his scenes when he was fatally wounded on set by a prop gun. Equally, Lee posthumously received praise for his performance. While the film became a critical and commercial success. His career has drawn parallels with his father. Having both died young prior to the release of their breakthrough film memorabilia.


Earliest known Brandon Lee autograph
Earliest known Brandon Lee autograph



Brandon Lee autograph 1980's
Original Brandon Lee signature late 80’s early 90’s.



Brandon Lee Autographs | Genuine signed Lee Memorabilia
Authentic Brandon Lee signature



Authentic Brandon Lee autograph firstclassmemorabilia
Authentic Brandon Lee autograph




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Photo of Brandon Lee signing autographs
Photo of Brandon Lee signing autographs





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