Best place to buy Music Autographs

Best place to buy Music Autographs

Find out where’s the Best place to buy Music Autographs? Are you looking to purchase authentic music autographs?



Music Autographs

Music Autographs are one of the greatest investments for collectors and investors. In music they are many bands who changed the face of music. From The Beatles to Elvis Presley and Black Sabbath to Led Zeppelin.

Many people love attending concerts and festivals, these moments people treasure for life and love to have a piece of memorabilia from their favourite band or artist.


Elton John signed Tommy Photo 8x10 Music Autographs


Are my autographs authentic?

Sadly, due to the demand for certain bands autographs and high prices many of these reaches. The number of forgeries also increase. They are always people out there trying to rip other people off and make stories about how they obtained them etc.

Thankfully at FirstClassMemorabilia we have studied music signatures since the late 90’s. Thankfully then the amount of forgeries were very low. In the late 90’s on auction sites the percentage of forgeries were around 30%. Now in the 2020’s we believe they are over 80% now.


Best place to buy music autographs led zeppelin



Music Autograph signings

Many actors and actresses do private signing sessions for money. They are appearing on many conventions for films and movies and you pay for their autographs. With music stars, they very rarely do this, so the demand is much higher as they aren’t many of their autographs on the market. Besides, this drives up demand.

Many musicians don’t sign autographs anymore due to them being aware what they are worth and people selling them. Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and David Gilmour are some who refuse to sign autographs these days.


Certificate of Authenticity for Autographs

We offer lifetime money back guarantee on all our autographs. Our company have been in the business for so long and studied thousands of artists. We are confident to offer money back guarantees. Not many companies offer this, and this should be questioned.

If a shop only offers guarantee for 7 days which many do. I personally wouldn’t risk spending money with them unless you know yourself the signature is 100% authentic.










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