The Importance of Authenticating Music Autographs and Where to Do It

The Importance of Authenticating Music Autographs and Where to Do It

Authenticating music autographs is crucial for collectors and fans alike. Discover the best places to get your autographs verified in this helpful post.



For music enthusiasts and collectors, owning an autograph from their favorite artist can be a prized possession. However, it’s important to ensure that the autograph is authentic to avoid being scammed. In this post, we’ll explore the best places to get your music autographs authenticated.


What are the risks of buying unverified autographs?

Buying unverified autographs can be risky as there is no guarantee that the signature is authentic. In some cases, sellers may intentionally deceive buyers by forging signatures or selling fake autographs. This can lead to disappointment and financial loss for collectors and fans. It’s important to do your research and only purchase autographs from reputable sources or get them verified by a trusted authentication service.


Sadly, the amount of forgeries now outweigh the amount of genuine autographs available on the market. This is why its important to contact experts and find out if the signature is genuine. This may save you thousands of pounds or may help you get a refund if the item is fake.




John Lennon music autograph Authenticating Music Autographs
John Lennon music autograph authentication




How to Authenticate an Autograph?


Before you purchase an autograph, do your research on the person who signed it. Look at other examples of their signature, and compare them to the one you are interested in. This can help you identify any discrepancies or irregularities that may indicate a fake signature.


Look for signs that the autograph may have been forged, such as inconsistent pen pressure, smudging, or uneven spacing between letters. Signs of lots of start and stops is a major one for forgers taking their time. If the autograph is on a photograph or artwork, look for signs of tampering or alterations.


Are the signatures printed? This is something that we regularly come across. People making copies of Genuine Music Autographs and then selling them on as legit. Usually, using a strong magnifying glass and holding the item to the light, you can tell if the ink is live or printed.


Autopen is another one that catches many buyers out. An autopen is a machine that copies signatures or handwriting. Thankfully, these machines aren’t 100% perfect and Authenticators like ourselves and determine if its genuine or a printed machine signature.



Which Music Authenticator should I trust with my autographs?


Now, this is an extremely hard question. Being in the business since 1998 we have came to know the best of the best in the business. What I would say is be careful of many TPA (Third Party Authenticators). I have seen them pass very questionable signatures. Even if they prove they made a mistake, you have no come back. Your stuck with the item. All autographs we personally sell via FirstClassMemorabilia come with Certificate of Authenticity and we also offer Lifetime Money Back Guarantee on all items we sell. Something not many dealers will offer.




FirstClassMemorabilia - Letter of Authenticity LOA
FirstClassMemorabilia – Letter of Authenticity LOA




We do offer Music Authentication services

If you would like us to authenticate an item for you then please send us an email. We charge £10 per item for a quick opinion. If your item is genuine, we can offer a Letter of Authenticity for £50.









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