Are Autographs a good investment? First Class Memorabilia

Are Autographs a good investment? First Class Memorabilia

Discover are Autographs a good investment? Brought to you by First Class Memorabilia


Generally speaking, Autographs and memorabilia are wonderful investments for any collector, fan or investor. The major factor I get asked by friends and family is “who’s autograph should I invest in?”.

This is a difficult question, as it comes down to how much can you afford to invest. And is the autograph or piece of memorabilia authentic?


Autographs that make good investments:

Many name I can mention here but personally when looking to collect a celebrity’s autograph. I personally look at key factors, what age did the pass away at? Did they sign many autographs? Would anyone be looking to purchase it from me within a few years?

These are key for many people and the great thing is anyone can start collecting if they have a small or large budget.



Movie Autographs

Everyone loves movies. Everyone has their favourite actor or actress. Key names I would go for are:


Marily Monroe: World famous icon who passed away at a young age. Autographs from Marilyn Monroe range from £3000 – £40,000.

Signature of Marilyn Monroe



James Dean: Passed away at age 24 with only a handful of films made. James Dean Autographs ranger from £2800 – £25,000


Bruce Lee: International star, who died at 32 and wasn’t internationally famous until his death. Autographs tend to reach £8000 – £30,000.

bruce lee autographs nov 66



Which Living Stars Autograph should I buy?

This is where it gets interesting. Living actors and actresses are generally much more affordable and if the right item is purchased. When the star passes away these will increase dramatically.

Any star who is classed as a living legend would be the best to invest in. At times when we believe there will be a big surge and high demand we try and buy up what we can. This is how ycelebrities.ou have investors/collectors with multiple signatures of celebrities.


Names I would personally invest in are:


Clint Eastwood

Al Pacino

Dick Van Dyke


Recently we had Sean Connery’s Autograph selling for around £100/200 before his passing. That day of the announcement I seen signed James Bond images by Sean sell for £800+.  As you can see this was a massive increase in value. Now a few months after his passing the market has calmed down slightly and your asking roughly £500 – £1500. Depending on image, size, signature location etc.





Which Music Autographs should I buy?

The Beatles will always be one of the top Music Autographs to have in your collection alongside the greats such as Elvis Presley Autographs. Any band or musician who were different and changed the face of music are always up there with the top collections.



Music Autographs

How much are The Beatles Autographs worth beatles signatures from 1969

The Beatles: Changed the face of music learning of the great Elvis Presley. A set with all 4 signatures is the highest in demand.



Elvis Presley: Single handily change music forever, mixing blues into rock and roll.

Bob Dylan: One of the greatest ever songwriters. Many paintings and prints hand been released signed by Dylan, but prices are very high.



Other bands we would recommend collecting are: Led Zeppelin, ABBA, Queen, Black Sabbath. The Who, Oasis, Amy Winehouse. I have seen values of these artists increasing over the years dramatically.




Our Top 5 Autographs from the Music Industry




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